Olympic History

Whistler’s history began 1915 when Alex and Myrtle Philip opened the doors of Rainbow Lodge. The area quickly became famous for its fishing, hiking and abundant natural surroundings.

In 1962, a group of Vancouver businessmen began exploring the rugged mountains just north of Vancouver with the idea of hosting the 1968 Winter Games. Their search led them here to London Mountain, which would later be renamed Whistler mountain in honour of the hill's resident alpine marmot species' whistling calls. Although their first bid did was not successful, the businessmen saw potential, and continued their dream to develop a ski resort. In 1966 the Garibaldi Lift Company officially opened its ski area on the west side of Whistler Mountain. The development of Whistler just 14 years later and its growth into an award-winning, international resort is unparalleled in ski history.

While Whistler didn’t win the Olympic bid in 1968, it was part of Whistler’s fate to host the games. 2010 was an amazing year for Whistler as the town hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The Olympic Games will always be a part of Whistler’s history with the Olympic legacies of the Whistler Sliding Centre, Whistler Olympic Plaza and Whistler Olympic Park. The memories of celebration, athletic achievement and connecting with people from around the world will never be forgotten.