Purchase Process

Initial Consultation: My goal is to help you find your perfect Whistler property; whether it is a weekend getaway, rental investment or first time home. Before viewing any properties we will discuss the type of property that best suits your needs to ensure your search begins in the right place.

Viewing Properties: After putting together a list of suitable properties we will go on a tour so you can view each property. Finding the right property may not happen the first time but we continue viewing property until you find your perfect property.

Making an Offer: Once you have chosen the property you want to purchase, I will work with you, always with your best interest in mind, to write the contract of Purchase and Sale.

Negotiation: With a solid understanding of the Whistler market I will be able to negotiate the best price for your purchase, as well as ensure the contract is written to protect you and outlines the timeframe of the sale, deposit and what items are included.

Accepted Offer: Once all the terms have been agreed upon you will have an accepted offer. Typically there is a Subject period that allows you time to conduct a home inspection, confirm financing, review strata information or building / municipal plans or anything else needed to ensure you are ready to move forward with the purchase.

Firm Deal and Completion: After all subject conditions have been removed and your deposit is received the contract is considered firm and our office will ensure the contract is transferred to your closing lawyer. Prior to closing you will make arrangements with your lawyer to sign all necessary documents and make arrangements to transfer funds to purchase the property. I will continue to work with you every step of the way.

Possession / Adjustments: On the adjustment date all calculations of interest, tax adjustments, and utility bill adjustments (if applicable) are made to the credit of either the purchaser or the vendor. This is usually (but not always) the same as the possession date, the day you receive the keys to your new home. I will make sure on the possession day your property is the condition you expect and provide you with all keys and parking passes.