Selling Process

Evaluation / Marketing Plan: When you are ready to list your property I will conduct a thorough analysis of your property to ensure it is priced correctly for the market from the beginning. A personalized marketing plan will be created to sell your property in the quickest amount of time possible.

Offer: When you receive an offer on your property I will walk you through the entire contract to be certain you understand all terms. Often times the offer will go back and forth several times as terms of the contract and price are negotiated. Once all terms of the offer are agreed upon you have an accepted offer.

Inclusions and Exclusions: Some properties in Whistler are sold with Inclusions or Exclusions. These are a list of furnishings, appliances, decorative items, fixtures, etc. that are being included or excluded from the sale. It is important to consider what items you want to go with the sale of the property.  

Subject Conditions: Subjects conditions must be fulfilled within a specific timeline as outlined in the contract before a sale becomes firm. Subjects are included on the contract are a way for the purchaser to further examine the property. Common subject clauses include home inspections, financing and review of strata information.

Deposit: Once an offer has been accepted and subjects are removed, the buyer will place a deposit on the property. This deposit will be applied against the purchase price when the sale closes.

Closing and Possession: In general, the closing date is the day that the seller will receive the funds and the title will be transferred to the buyer. In BC, the possession date is usually 1 day after the closing date, however in some cases it will occur on the same day as closing.